Rose & Onyx Hair Clinic is dedicated to helping people with hair loss and hair growth by providing hair loss solutions and scalp care. We combine technical Trichology knowledge, expertise in hair replacement, and creative hairdressing to bring you the ultimate healthy hair and scalp solution. Our focus is on hair loss, prevention and restoration.

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Epigenetic Hair Analysis Testing

Healthy hair is a result of a healthy body and we encourage whole body health.  Our exclusive Epigenetic Hair Analysis test is simple and effective. With just 4 hairs, we can we get you on the path to wellbeing by discovering: - Food Intolerances - Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies- Omega Levels- EMF & ELF exposure- Chemicals & Radiation- Bacteria, Mold, Heavy Metals, Toxins& much more...

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Focusing on Hair Loss, Prevention and Restoration

Trichology is the para-medical science of hair, hair loss and associated scalp problems. It is a set of cosmetology services that promote healthier hair growth; more specifically, it is the science of human hair's structure, function, and diseases. Specialists working in this field help people with hair loss, hair breakage, oily scalp, and dry scalp concerns such as psoriasis. Hair is known to be one of the most effective biomarkers in nature. Healthy hair results from a healthy body; you indeed are what you eat, and your lifestyle affects your hair and scalp health, and we encourage whole-body health.

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